Ski routes

COS OPO in Szczyrk is one of the largest skiing centres in Poland

COS OPO in Szczyrk has 14 km of ski trails of varying difficulty, including Poland's only FIS downhill slope Skrzyczne - length 2800 m. In our center, each skier will find a route suited to their skills. COS maintains trails and slopes using special machines, which guarantees excellent conditions for skiing.

FIS Trail

Downhill FIS Trail from Skrzyczne born in the thirties. Expanded in the years 1953-1956 was a very difficult and fast route. A thorough reconstruction, led by a FIS expert Ricardo Platner, in the years 1969-1972 allowed the FIS route to obtain a license. Another reconstruction was carried in accordance of the FIS Inspector Ladislav Harvana in 1997. Profile of the route has been changed, the installation for the artificial snow was built, as well as special equipment and devices. Currently, the route meets all the parameters of a modern ski resort, with possibily of carrying alpine skiing competitions. This allow the organization of the most important national and international competitions. International Polish Championship in Alpine competitions evaluated very highly by the representatives of the International Ski FIS Federation.

Ski routes

Route No. 21 ONDRASZEK - Skrzyczne-Jaworzyna - lower cableway station
The easiest route from Skrzyczne, length: 5200 m, level difference: 710 m.

Route No. 25 WIDOKOWA - Jaworzyna-Doliny - lower cableway station
Very easy, length: 2300 m, level difference: 400 m.

Route No. 22 KASKADA - Skrzyczne-Jaworzyna - lower cableway station
Hard, very hard sections, runs parallel to the cableway, length: 3100 m, level difference: 710 m.

Route No. 23 FIS - Skrzyczne-Doliny Dunacie
Difficult, International Ski Federation FIS license, length: 2800 m, evel difference: 650 m.